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Do you accept modified orders?

At Lumiere Patisserie we take pride in our processes for adding items to our menu. Every menu item goes through at least 4 test stages. This long testing process ensures that you get the perfect product that matches the chefs’ vision, unfortunately because we can’t run all these tests to ensure the quality of the product for any modification we do not offer the option to modify any of our menu items. 

Do you accept custom orders?

At the moment our production team is small and limited and we can’t accept custom orders.

Do you deliver?

Unfortunately at the moment we don’t offer a delivery service. Rest assured that we are working on a delivery option that ensures you can get our amazing products in a reasonable time in perfect shape and temperature.

Can I order Beverages online?

At Lumiere Patisserie we take great pride in crafting the freshest and tastiest coffee, tea, juices and shakes. In order to ensure that you get the freshest beverage we believe that it can only be made when you’re standing right there to drink it when it’s at it’s best

Can I customize my order of Petit Fours?

We at Lumiere Patisserie view the petit fours as a passion project and take great pride in changing our collection at least once a week. For on-line orders we can’t accept requests for specific petit fours as we can’t ensure availability. If you’re shopping at the patisserie you can and are encouraged to choose your selection of petit fours. 

How do I pick up my order?

Simply come in to our patisserie, identify yourself either by name, Phone number or order number and our barista will get your order to you

Do I have to pre-order or can I walk into the shop?

You can come in to our beautiful patisserie and one of our baristas will assist you with selecting your Lumiere Patisserie product. Or you can pre-order and come in the next day just for a pick up

Do you accept same-day orders?

Unfortunately we can not accept same day orders through our E-Boutique. You can always call in, and one of our baristas will help you out.

What days are available for pickup?

Pickups are available every day.


Do your cakes and pastries need to be refrigerated?

Most of our cakes, all of our personal deserts and all or our petit fours need to be refrigerated. Boulangerie products don’t need to be refrigerated. If you have a Lumiere Patisserie product and are unsure about how to store it, please call us and one of our team will gladly assist you.

How long are your patisserie products good for?

Lumière Pâtisserie cakes, personal desserts and petit fours are generally best eaten within 2 days, after that the quality of the product declines.

How long are your boulangerie products good for?

Viennoiseries should be eaten on the same day. Yeasted breads are best enjoyed within 3 days. Naturally leavened breads can be eaten up to 5 days after baking.

What is the best way to store bread?

Yeasted breads should be stored in the bag they came in at room temperature, or in an airtight bread box NEVER in the refrigerator. Naturally leavened breads, for fresh crumb and crusty crust leave with open side on wooden cutting board, for softer crust leave in the bag they came in or airtight bread box.

Any sliced bread should be kept in a airtight container.

Can your bread be frozen?

Our bread products can be frozen (though we recommend buying fresh every 5 days), to keep in the freezer wrap tightly with aluminum foil and then wrap tightly with plastic wrap.


Do you bake your breads and viennoiseries every day? 

At Lumiere Patisserie we take pride in always providing you with the best tasting and freshest products. To ensure you get the freshest boulangerie products we start running our ovens every day at 3 AM and bake fresh viennoiseries and breads for you to pick up during the day. 

Do you do sweet tables and events?

Our team would love to help you celebrate your event with a sweet table or other catering options. As our products are always seasonal and every event is tailored to the client we don’t have an event menu. Please contact us for details about Lumiere Patisserie catering.