It’s our ambition to surprise you. It’s our intention to delight you.

Be our guest

Deep aromas will greet you as you walk into Lumière Patisserie — a sweet tanginess; a delicate spice.

We invite you to share a petit gateau and sip a cappuccino as you would on the banks of the Seine.

Our methods are Parisian, and our flavours are harvested from the rich soils and orchards of Southern Ontario.

\ Lumière \


We take our name from the French word for light "Lumière". The Hebrew word for light is "Or". When chef patissier Or Dehter dreamt of creating fine French desserts, she chose a name that feels authentic, and shares light.

The Chefs

Or Dehter, Chef Patissiere

From a young age Or has been enamoured with art, sculpting, painting, photographing etc. This love of the arts truly blossomed when she discovered her talent in the world of pastry.

To master the art of pastry, Or set out on a path that included graduating with honours from the prestigious Bishulim- Israeli institute of culinary arts and further her studies at the Ecole Gastronomiq ue Bellouet Conseil in Paris.

Working in and leading the pastry departments in the top restaurants in Israel and Europe and most recently taking on the greatest challenge of all, starting Lumiere Patisserie from her small condo kitchen and scaling it up to our beautiful Centre Street Patisserie.

Or’s vision for modern pastry includes combining novel flavours with interesting textures to spike an interest, start a conversation and egnite emotion.

With a firm belief in stretching the boundary between kitchen and pastry, by adding savoury flavour profiles, vegetables, herbs and spices to classic french technique Or creates an experience that is exciting, fresh and bold.

Nadav Gilad, Chef de Boulangerie

For as long back as he can remember Nadav was infatuated with espresso and espresso culture. He has spent over a decade working in and managing cafes in Tel-Aviv mastering the art of making the perfect cappuccino and creating the best cafe experience.

Next, he moved on to his next passion, fine dining cooking. Nadav spent the next 3 years working in the top kitchens in Tel Aviv, Berlin and Toronto, learning, honing his skills and doing what he loves most, cooking.

His passion for culinary exploration turned into an obsession with fermentation that became a love of artisanal sourdough bread baking.

Nadav believes that food should always be made from real ingredients that were raised on the soil we step on, breathes the same air that fills our lungs and is given the same water that parches our thirst.